Turf Reinforcement Knitted Net
TRN TamaTurf Reinforcement Net

TamaTurf Reinforcement Net (TRN) is a knitted net. It can be used in all grass types. Tama knitted net is softer therefore sits tighter on the ground, and better adjust to the ground’s shape. It is suitable for net setter installation driving faster and using up to 5 discs.

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Strong and Flexible

TamaTurf Reinforcement netting is the strongest in the row direction. The unique knitted product is more flexible, therefore follows the ground shape better, and is easier to use.

More Resistance to Tenting
Resists Tenting

TRN's triangular shaped holes, the flexibility of the material and the fact that it sits closer to the soil, enable it to be less likely to suffer from the “tenting effect” when the net is lifted by the growing grass.

Every Installer
Every Installer

The core, the shape, and the behavior of the knitted netting make it suitable for every kind of net installer.

Easy Handling
Easy Handling

The metal core with its  6” inner diameter makes it easy to lift the roll through the core with a forklift. The softer, more flexible nature of the net, makes it easy to handle.

Full Width Maintenance
Full width

The netting is produced whole (not cut) therefore the whole 5.30m width is maintained.

No bend 6 metal core
No-bend Core

The metal core will not be influenced by moisture and will not bend. It is “Banana Effect”-proof.

Versatility & Adaptability
Brown Color

Brown color blends with the roots and soil.

Enjoy windproof installation with up to 5 disks

Enjoy windproof installation with up to 5 discs.

Knitted Net

Knitted net for easier installation. Up to five disc installation to avoid wind damage while installing and after.

  • Roll width : 17' 4"
  • Each roll individually wrapped for protection
  • Roll direction marked in colors
  • Knitted net construction
  • Brown color to blend with the soil
Field net placing setting insalling

Setting turf reinforcement net for turf sod growing knitted weave and extroded mesh.

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