InnoVent Roll

A first-of-its-kind, very-ventilating Patent pending pallet wrap.


V_icon Less packaging material.
V_icon Powerful wrapping for secured all around loads.
V_icon Can be partly removed for goods inspection.
V_icon Food safe.
V_icon Fantastic load appearance overall.
V_icon 100% recyclability & contains recycled material
Air Flow
Air Flow

InnoVent™ allows nearly 100% air circulation

Elongation ElastiNet

InnoVent™ stretches at least 30% for more wrapped loads per roll

Built in Memory

For superior load retention, after stretching, InnoVent™ wants to retract to its original length and so it grips the load


It is one of the strongest wraps in existence. Its relative strength (strength to weight ratio) is unique

Versatility & Adaptability

Highly adaptable to wrapping equipment, applications, and environments

Environmentally friendly - Recyclable

Very minimal amount of plastic, fully recyclable and contains recycled material


Will save money compared to most other ventilating wraps

Totally new invention

InnoVent™ is a patent pending product, developed for retaining loads allowing very high ventilation, while combining the advantages of pallet netting and vented films, supplying a superior alternative to other existing solutions

Innovative technology

The new and unique wrap was developed and tested over the period of 3 years on tens of thousands of loads globally. The product is produced on newly invented production machines, combining production techniques from different products, allowing freedom in innovation

Product name Roll length Width Roll/pal
InnoVent™ 30 3000m 50cm 78
InnoVent™ 30 TO 3000m 50cm 78
InnoVent™ 30 3000m 75cm 39
InnoVent Avocado
Innovent pallet
Innovent pallet
Innovent oranges pallet
Innovent Brochure
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