FlexNet for Turf
Flexnet for Turf Net

The genuine stretch pallet wrap netting. The only net with the “built in memory”. Allows free-flow air circulation. Eliminates condensation. FlexNet® unique memory keeps the load stable and secure throughout its journey. A cost-effective way to provide a superior wrap for your valuable turf.

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Air Flow
Air Flow

FlexNet® allows nearly 100% air circulation.

Manual Hand Application
Manual application

FlexNet® is uniquely suited to manual application, eliminating the need for physical strength to achieve the required tension.

Wrapping Security 3rd dimension of stability
3rd dimension of stability

FlexNet®, when wrapped over the top of the load, supplies the 3rd dimension of stability. The net presses down on the top layer of the load, ensuring added security to the valuable sod.

Built in Memory
Built-in Memory

Due to its unique Built-in Memory, FlexNet® enables the load to be wrapped with little or no overlap (0-10%) — which means savings over other less efficient wrapping methods.


FlexNet® for Turf grips every corner and curve, and stays on the job no matter how many twists and turns the road presents.

Environmentally friendly - Recyclable
Less Plastic Per Bale

More wrapped loads per roll, less waste, and totally recyclable.

Elasticity and Elongation
Elasticity and Elongation

FlexNet® Classic is highly elastic and stretches at least 30% for better grip and many more wrapped loads per roll.

Roll Width Roll Length Rolls in Box Core Application
20" 3,000' 4 3" I/D core Dispenser
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