Big Roll Knitted Net
TamaTurf for Big Rolls

TamaTurf for Big Rolls is all about supporting the sod and keeping it as a perfect roll from harvest to laying. The net keeps the sod secured at the full width of the roll, allowing safe moving in the field, safe loading and transportation, and safe unloading. TamaTurf for Big Roll is a knitted material stronger at the driving direction and easy to collect if chosen. No staples are needed.

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Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The flexible nature of TamaTurf Wrap for Big Rolls makes it easy to handle. It is not springy like extruded material, and very easy on the operator’s hands.

No Staples Required
No Staples

The use of the TamaTurf Wrap for Big Rolls, eliminates the use of sharp and costly metal staples. Eliminating the staples lowers the risk of flat tires, and saves on cost and the need to have staples present at harvest.


The knitted HDPE net from which  TamaTurf Wrap for Big Rolls is made, is stronger in the harvest/laying direction.

Smaller Roll Diameter
Smaller Diameter

The unique production and knitted net features allows much more netting on a roll and a smaller roll diamter compared to extruded net.

Bale Wrap Red End Warning
Red Roll End Marking

Red color appears in the middle of the roll of sod when the roll of netting is about to end, making sure you are not surprisingly left without net…

ZEBRA® System Stripe
ZEBRA® Striping

Special Zebra pattern allows you to know the roll direction – which side of the roll is the beginning and which side is the roll end.

Extra Length
Guaranteed Minimum Length

Extra length in every roll means fewer roll changes during harvest.

Versatile - Fits most harvesters

Fits most harvesters. Available in most sizes.

Brand Name Width Length Rolls per Pallet
Tama TurfWrap for Big Roll 30" 16,000' 12
Tama TurfWrap for Big Roll 40" 13,200' 12
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