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Tama X-SPAN® Pallet Net With NDicator™

Tama, the world’s leading pallet net manufacturer is proud to present the revolutionary NDicator™!
The NDicator™ does it for you: Indicating you got it right!

Tama NDicator™ – How it works

Tama’s new breakthrough is the NDicator™. This informative video shows how the NDicator™ works. It shows the X-SPAN® pallet net with NDicator™ stretch, and as that happens the NDicator™ flattens and indicates that optimum elongation is achieved.

Tama X-SPAN® Net – Keep it’s width

Tama’s X-SPAN® pallet nets are designed to keep their width while stretching. This informative video shows the difference between the revolutionary X-SPAN® net and other nets as they stretch. it is clear that the Tama X-SPAN® nets are keeping their width while the others don’t, resulting in more stable loads, less wraps per load therefore more loads per roll, and significant time saving when using the X-SPAN® nets.

Wrapping a Pallet

The new X-SPAN® Technology is a real revolution in the pallet net world, since the net stretches further without losing width. The idea behind the new X-SPAN® Technology is to take all the features of Tama’s elastic nets and enhance them. Nets produced at the new Technology stretch further for more wrapped loads, doing so while maintaining the original width, allowing more coverage, less wraps, faster wrapping cycle and better load stability. All features are translated into saving of time and money and enhanced performance. The X-SPAN® Technology makes the net wider, longer, stronger, better.

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