Netwrap Usage Guide

The number of round bales possible from any roll of netwrap is dependent on at least three things:

  • The diameter of the bale produced
  • The number of turns of net applied to the bale

and – most importantly

  • The roll actually containing the length of net stated

The following table shows the approximate net use on varying sized bales in different crops.
These figures are given as guide and should only be used as an aid to operator usage when baling.

Crop Bale Size No. of
Bales Per Roll
3150m XL
Bales Per
roll 3600m
Bales Per
Roll 4200m
Bales Per
Roll 4500m
Hay 4’ diameter bale 2-2.25 380-340 430-390 510-450 510-490
Silage 4’ diameter bale 2.25-2.75 340-285 390-320 450-380 490-400
Straw 5’ diameter bale 2.5-3.5 260-290 290-220 340-250 365-260

Many modern balers are equipped with a crop pre-cutting device which, when used in silage, can produce bales containing up to 20% more forage than a ’standard’ bale. This significantly increases the bale weight and density, and requires a corresponding increase in the amount of net that is used to hold the bale securely. Consequently, it is recommended that at least an extra 0.5 turns of net is applied to chopped silage bales. Likewise, when baling high density straw, it may also be necessary to increase the number of turns by at least 0.5 per bale to ensure it remains securely wrapped.

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